Online Payment Guide

After you have selected “Continue”, you will see the page below. Enter all of your information. You will then recieve a copy of your receipt with a unique Receipt ID number to your email address. That number will be used to identify your order when you come for your visit. Once you have finished entering your information select the “Review Order and Continue” button.

After you have selected the “Review Order and Continue” button you will see the page below. This will list your order, the credit card information, and the contact email that you entered on the previous page. Please notice the “Change” button, use this button if you would like to change the credit card information you are using for the order. Select the “Pay Now” button to finalize your order.

After you select the “Pay Now” button you will see the page below. This page will list your Receipt ID and a notice that your order summary was sent to the email address that you specified. In the second red box you will see a button that reads “View Printable Receipt“. Select this button to view and print your receipt. See the next section for an example of the printable receipt. After you have printed your receipt, please select the “Return to Patricia Island Golf Club L.L.C.” button to navigate to our Payment Voucher / Gift Certificate page. Here you can print your proof of payment or gift certificate (see page at bottom).

Below is an example of the printable receipt page. Inside the red box are the details of how your order will appear on your credit card statement.

You purchase is now finalized. We will receive notification that you have purchased one of our golf packages with the corresponding Receipt ID. Please call us at: 1.800.495.5253 to schedule your stay and remember to keep your receipt. You can also print your receipt from the email that was sent after your order was finalized. Also, if you select the “Return to Patricia Island Golf Club L.L.C” button your will return to our website and see the Payment Voucher / Gift Certificate page (see below). On this page you can enter your name or name of the gift certificate receipient inside the text box. On the payment voucher/gift certificate page the details of your package will be listed under “Your Package”. A transaction ID (which will be matched with your payment and receipt ID) and a button to print the payment voucher/gift certificate to bring with you on your visit or to someone else as a gift.

Golf & Gambling Package Online Payment Guide

After you choose your package and the date you would like to visit us, select the “Buy Now” button. After you select the button you will be taken to the PayPal payment gateway, as seen below. Please notice the sections inside of the red boxes (the red boxes will not be shown when you make your order). The description section will list your chosen package and the days that you have chosen for your stay to fall between. The pricing section (Unit Price, Quantity, Amount) will show you the price per package and let you choose the quantity of packages you would like to purchase. The quantity is not per person, but per package. Please see Golf & Gambling Packages page for more details. In the last red box, select the button “Continue” for your credit card purchase.

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